Saad bin Abid (PhD)

Current Status: I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Architecture Recovery and Consistency (ARC) project with Dr. Jim Buckley.

About me and Expertises: A  proficient  Researcher/Java  developer  with  a  great  emphasis  on  quality,  in-depth  approach to software complexity and model driven details. Experience of working on multi-tiered software systems with  critical  and  ever  changing  customer  requirements.  A  key  team  player  who  can  interact  with different  stakeholders  and  deliver  on  time  with  quality.  Worked  as  a  developer  within  research projects of Autoliv and Ericsson (i.e., Fortune 500 companies). Experienced in legacy systems modelling and code analysis using various modelling technologies with skillset of IBM technology (OSLC) for tool integration, applying model-based development and code generation for automatic generation of OSLC-based adapters, and verification & validation (V&V) of OSLC-complaint software tools utilized in SDLC of embedded systems. Worked with
–  Programming Languages (i.e., Java, .net)
–  Development Environment Tool Eclipse IDE (i.e., Luna, Kepler, Juno, Indigo, Helio)
–  Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) (i.e., RESTful, Http CRUD and JAX-RS)
–  Service Deployment using Jetty and Tomcat
–  Source Control Repository (i.e., Subversion SVN, Git)
–  Parsing Technologies (i.e., JAXB, XSLT)
–  Tool  and  Data  Integration  using  IBM  Technology  called  Open  Services  for  Life  Cycle Development (OSLC)
–  Management Skills using MS Office
–  Build Tools (i.e., Ant and Maven)
–  Error/Fault/Bug reporting using Bugzilla
–  Testing Frameworks (i.e., Junit, Selenium)
–  Agile Development using Scrum
–  Eclipse Modelling Frameworks (i.e., EMF, Epsilon, Sirius)
–  Contributed to Eclipse Open Source Projects (Epsilon and Lyo projects initiative by IBM)
–  Micro-Controller Programming using Arduino

Domains Worked in: Model-driven Development, Software Product lines, Building Automation and Cyber-Physical System (CPS)