Warming up!

Defining my area of Ph.D!

I am Mehvish, a Ph.D student in Lero – The Irish Software Research Centre. Progressing in Ph.D is like a road trip, the pleasure and enthusiasm change based on the road. If the road is smooth the pleasure and enthusiasm heighten. Otherwise, it just becomes a plain road trip. In Ph.D as long as you are progressing and you are seeing the end of it, the interest to excel is there. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to see the end of Ph.D. which often makes the ride bumpy.

In my blogs, I will share with you, my experience of the road trip to Ph.D. My main area of work is in “Knowledge Loss in Free/ Libre Open Source Software”. I have presented the main research questions and direction of my work in a doctoral symposium in EASE 2016. The link appears as follows:


Please fasten your seat belts…. hopefully, you will enjoy the ride along the way….